What (or Who) is an Eventyr?


An eventyr is Old Norse word meaning either "adventure," "fairytale" or "something exceptionally great."

This word encompasses what we do and, by natural extension, who we are.


Megan Bodenschatz

My first book was an alphabet/numbers book, made on the back of my dad's work papers with markers and a lot of Sesame Street stickers.  Though well received I faced immediate production problems, mainly owing to the fact that I couldn't actually form words with said letters.

After years of writing in the margins of class notes and on Korean chat forums I'm finally buckling down to write my first novel, a young adult fantasy featuring a girl named Alex.

April on Megan: How can I not love someone who enjoyed Star Trek: Enterprise as much as I did?


April French

Contributor: "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Just Write" and "Notes From the Trenches"

In spite of my name I am, in fact, not French. I was first inspired to write when I was 10 years old, after watching The Nightmare Before Christmas four times in one day. Generally, what I write falls into the dark speculative fiction category, both fantasy and science fiction, but can best be described as "weird." However, I will read just about anything that includes words on pages. At any given moment in time, I'm usually working on a large handful of novels and a small handful of everything else (short stories, comic scripts, etc). If I were Native American, my condescending stereotypical name would be "Bites Off More Than She Can Chew." I enjoy pizza, medieval and Victorian history, antique typewriters, and baking things into pies. Dislikes include a sense of entitlement and automatic flush toilets.

Nathan on April:  I think April French sparkles in direct sunlight. 

Megan on April:   Let's face it;  not many other people will get excited about touching movable type and seeing a partially unwrapped mummy.  We'd better stay friends for a while.


Nathan James Norman

Contributor: "Writing Religiously" and "Books I Wish I'd Written"

I’m a mismatched patchwork of a man. I simultaneously exist as both as a speculative fiction writer and a pastor. I might be mistaken, but I am unaware of any pastors who preach on Sunday morning, then come home and pen horror-themed science fiction in the afternoon. I must be a preacher, though, because I’m in seminary . . . and I must be a science fiction author because I’m owned by two cats, Duncan and Daisy. (Duncan being named after the Macleod of the same name and Daisy named after . . . well, the flower). I draw inspiration from everything that catches my eye or keeps me awake at night. I dream in color, drink way too much Diet Coke and lament the apparent end of the band Joy Electric.

April on Nathan: On my suggestion, Nathan once wrote a sermon about bacon.


Diana Caporaso

April on Diana: This love for Harry Potter must not go unrewarded!


Wyatt Matthew

April on Wyatt: He's ferocious. Grr!

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